quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

Joao (It's me again) <--- eu sei q fiko idiota '-'

I love to listen to music, I like rock, meta etc. My favorite bands are:
Iron Maiden


I like Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Elton John too …

My favorite songs are: Run to the Hills, Fear of the dark, Welcome to the jungle, sweet child o mine, Access High, C moon, The Trooper, Smoke on the water, Pipes of Piece, No more lonely nights, Coming Up, Rocket Man, and others… There are 5 people in my family, my grandmother Ana, my parents Graciema and Sergio, my brother and me. My parents work very hard, they’re so cool and happy. We usually go to the club on the weekends.My brother is the youngest(lol so obivous) he is small and so cool. My parents are travel agents, they work from Monday to Saturday... My father is tall and funny my mother is tall too and she doesn't like jokes.

xÐ Joao xÐ

Hello, my name is João Vítor, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Brazil (MG,BH). I study English at Number One Floresta. I study at Santa Maria Floresta and I’m in Junior High. I swim twice a week and study English at Number One twice a week. I usually go to the club with my family on the weekends.

terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

† PeDrO †

I'm Pedro Mello. I'm twelve years old. I’m from Brazil. I study English at Number One. I study at Santa Dorotéia. I’m in Junior High. I usually go to the club on the weekends. I play soccer twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday

I like to listen music. I like pop music, hip hop, dance, rock, electronic. My favorite bands are Linking Park, Dragonforce, BassHunter, The Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga. My favorite songs are I Hate This Part, Love Game, Leave Out All The Rest, Hush Hush, Through The Fire And Flames, Camilla, Dota, Counter Strike . There are four people in my family. I have one brother. My parents and I go to club on weekends. My mother is cool, friendly, funny, beautiful and she likes to buy new clothes she works at same school where I study and my father is tall, big, tall, cool and funny he works as enigeneer.

I have many friends. My best friends are Bernardo (Dolfo), João Pedro (India), Guilherme (Padre), Lucca (Butcha). I go to school on weekdays. My friends and I go to the mall on weekends. I have one dog and one cockatiel. My dog’s name is Xuxa and my cockatiel doesn’t have a name. My dog is black, white and big, she like walk and my cockatiel is small, yellow and gray, she like escape from the cage, up in the cage.

I can play one sports, it is soccer. I can play soccer very well, I play it at Minas Tênis Club and at my school. I can’t play any instruments, because I don’t like instruments. I speak other languages like English I draw (my friend and my family that says).

My city is beautiful, big, warm. In my city there are 2 million people. There are several tourist attractions here like Lagoa da Pampulha, Mineirão, Igrejinha da Pampulha. Teens can go in several places, as clubs and mall.

I would like to visit Europe. It’s a good place to ride a motorcycle GP 500.
I usually travel to Cabo Frio on my vacation. I usually go to Cabo Frio by car.
Cabo Frio is big, beautiful, very cool and there are many tourist there specially in hig season they are from Argentina, I can swim there.
I’m going to Cabo Frio this year, I travel to Cabo Frio on my vacation (January), if I don’t go to Cabo Frio I’m going to play the computer and video game.
I want to be a businessman, I don’t have any special plans for this semester.
My dreams and plans for the future are live in USA(NY,LA) or Spain, have many motorcycke 600,450,250CL GP, have one mansion, have a car(Ferrari or Porsche). I want to be a an exchange student specially to go Australia. The trips of my dreams is to go to Los Angeles (Casino). I don’t know if I’m going to marry. I want to have two children preferably twins.

terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

♥ Dєboяα ♥

Hello! I'm Débora Pereira Fonseca . I'm a young girl and I'm from Brazil . I'm eleven years old , and I'm 1.35 metres tall . I have brown hair and brown eyes .

I live in Belo Horizonte city , Floresta district . I study English at Number One school , Floresta . I study at Colégio Batista Mineiro too , branch Floresta . I'm in Junior High .

I take English classes on Tuesday and Thursday , I play soccer on Monday and Wednesday and I play the guitar on Thursday morning . In the afternoon , I go to the shopping mall and sometimes to my friend's house . And in the evening , I watch movies and I play games on the computer . Another thing I do is listening to music , especially songs of the movie High School Musical , Chris Brown and Mc Dodo . I don't like any other bands .

There are four people in my family . I have two brothers and no sisters . My mother is good and calm , and she works as a secretary at a medical office . My father is smart and restless and he works as a systems analyst in a bank . My family and I like to go to shopping mall on the weekends and we sometimes go to Divinópolis city to visit our relatives

I can play soccer very well at school. I can play the guitar at home. I draw very well.
I live in Belo Horizonte. It is big and beautiful. There are about 2 million inhabitants. There are many churches , restaurants , museums , shopping malls and a zoo.
Shopping mall is a nice place for teens to go.
I would like to visit New York. It's a nice and beautiful city. I can play soccer there.

On my vacation I usually travel to Caldas Novas or to the beach im Ubatuba ; bisides this , I travel to Divinópolis to my grandmother's house .
I usually go by car , with my family.
At the beach not usually go there isn't cold water and is not so deep . There are many life guards there .
In the month I usually go , there are not many tourists at the beach .
There , I swin , I play soccer with my brother and I go to the aquarium to see sea animals .
I'm going to ubatuba this year , just afeter finishing school classes . I'm going to stay there on week .
I like to play soccer and swin . I think I play soccer wel . I play soccer at the Colegio Batista's Sports School , and I swin at the Floresta Tenis Clube .

When I grow up , I want to be a vet , for this semester , I don't have any special plans .
My dreams for the future is study very much , learn English , become a vet and travel to many places .
I want to be an exchange student to learns abort other cultures . The tripe of my dreams is to go to New York , in U.S.A .
I want to get married one day , and have two children .

XD Amanda XD

Hi, my name is Amanda Vieira. I’m 12 years old and I live in Belo Horizonte. I have a brother and a sister. There are 5 people in my family.
My mother is an engineer and my father is an engineer too.
In the morning on weekdays I study at Santa Maria Florest school and I’m in junior high. At 6pm on the tuesday and thurday, I study at Number One Florest, it’s great and I learn English.
On the weekends, my family and I have barbecue with my friends, we swim and play a lot.
On my vacation, I travel to many cities with my family.
I love listening to music. My favorit kind of music is pop and I like Lady Gaga, she is cool and her music is berautiful, she is my favorit singer. My favorit song is Love Game.

I have many friends, and my best friend are Luizinha , Mary.C , Camila, Mary.A and Ana Luiza.On weekends Igo to julha's house and play with her.
On weekdays I study very much in the morning , in my free time i like to watch planet survival

Planet Survival - Mujin Wakusei SURVIVE

and listen to music

I have a dog, he is Potato, he likes to listen to my sister play the guitar

I usually travel to the Juis de Fora,because my cousins live in that place,I go the Juis de Fora by car because is close to Belo Horizonte,I go with my family.
I love travel to Campos do Jordão,it is berautiful,there are many turists.I usually go to Campos do Jordão,to celebrate my birthday,I can make many friends and play at the hotel,but this year I going to the Fortaleza,If I don't travel to Fortaleza,I am goin to a park or to the club

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up , maybe I want to be a teacher,because I love children.I don't have any special plans for this semester.
My dreans for the future are having many maney because I want to see my family happy every day.I don't to be an exchange student.I want to get married one day and I wont to have one child.I will go to Irelandwith my hushand and my child